Rooted in Iowa, LLC is the parent company of small businesses based in Eastern Iowa. These companies are focused on the environment. Maintaining and enjoying our natural surroundings so that it may remain in good condition for years to come.

Rooted in Iowa, LLC companies:

Efficient POND Management Efficient POND Management is a pond improvement company that focuses on correcting the underlying problem that is causing the nuisance symptoms such as rampant aquatic plant growth. By correcting the problem, the nuisance issues will abate and long term enjoyment of the pond can begin and last for a long time.
Bluegill World Bluegill World is a website dedicated to bluegill fishing. Many article can be found discussing the art of bluegill fishing as well as the opportunity to purchase a book exclusively offerd on this site; Secrets to Catching More and Bigger Bluegill.

Rooted in Iowa, LLC